Health & safety at work

Eva Trulsson
Eva Trulsson
VP Responsible Care/ Director Occupational Health & Safety
+46 435 78 82 62

Caring for our employees and contractors

No one shall get hurt working at or for Perstorp!

Perstorp is introducing Life Saving Rules – procedures that safeguards people involved in high risk operations – to all sites. These Life Saving Rules are applicable to all employees and contractors working at or for Perstorp.

The introduction of Life Saving Rules is a vital part of achieving the Perstorp vision of zero harm to people and environment.

Perstorp is also extending its behavioral based safety way of working – Take Care – to all sites. To create a safe work environment it is crucial to continuously improve on the human behavior. Take Care is Perstorps way of working with promoting safe behaviors. The Take Care way of working is now being extended to all Perstorp sites – this to create a safe work environment, everywhere.


Perstorp's life saving rules

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