Our sustainability approach

Do the right things. And do things right. That is what our Sustainability Strategy is all about. 

Our overall ambition is to become Finite Material Neutral. By that we mean that all energy, raw material and other resources that are used in, or flows through, our business are part of closed systems. That would mean that no resources are used at a rate greater than nature can replenish. This means that we need to switch to renewable raw materials and help close the loops of finite materials, e.g. through recycling and reuse. This is what we mean by doing the right things. By doing the right things we also mean contributing to the achievement of the global goals for sustainable development, through our products. This is where our growth platforms comes in. These platforms are linked to key global challenges that our products can help address. 

As we strive towards our ambition to become Finite Material Neutral – we must always consider the impact our business has on people and the environment.  As we develop our products and the processes at our sites, we work with continuous improvements. We work with the occupational health and safety of our operations. We work to minimize the toxicity and other risks of causing harm of our products. We conduct our business with high ethical standards, helping combating corruption in all its forms. And we work to address the social risks in the supply chain. This is what we mean by doing things right. 


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