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Polyurethane dispersions (PUD)
Hard to soft, rigid to flexible, always sustainable the choice is yours

Unique portfolio of dispersing monomers, and macrodiols for PUDs

Ryan Schoonmaker
Ryan Schoonmaker
Product Manager
+1 419 344 8359

Choose your pure performance properties

Our portfolio of dispersing monomers and polyols for PUDs gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose the precise performance properties to differentiate your PUD resin formulas.

Advantages include:

  • Unique broad portfolio with the best quality products for superior PUD performance and wide range of formulation flexibility
  • Insight, market knowledge and the technical know-how to make a real difference in new development projects
  • 100% solvent free PUD solutions using Ymer™
  • Ymer™ ready-to-use product for higher productivity, lower processing costs and unique technical properties
  • Leading in new sustainable technology with science, products and support
  • Reduced development cost and faster speed to market through collaboration, lab trials, IP support & R&D


PUD value chain

Oxymer Ymer Capa Bis-Mpa
Business advantages
  1. Uncompromising opportunities to achieve precisely the right formula
  2. Broad product portfolio for fast development
Performance advantages
  1. Stability and robustness of formulation for consistent long life performance
  2. Wide range of formulation possibilities with improved properties, such as flexibility, abrasion resistance and water resistance for high end coatings
Processing advantages
  1. Low viscosity for easier processing and application
  2. Reduced solvent and VOC for more environmentally friendly coatings
  3. Robust and top quality for cost effectiveness
Products for Polyurethane dispersions (PUD)

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