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Improving fire resistance in intumescent coatings

Ryan Schoonmaker
Ryan Schoonmaker
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Why Intumescent Coating?

Charmor productIn case of fire, the temperature can easily and quickly become high. When the temperature reaches 500-550⁰C the steal beams might collapses due to the heat. Intumescent coating is used on the beams to isolate them from the heat and hence prolong the evacuation time as well as extend the time to extinguish the fire with several hours. Time that can save lives. Already when the temperature reaches around 200⁰C, the intumescent process starts. This means that the coatings forms a thick foam that protects the beams from the fire and the heat.

Our Charmor™ provides you with the critical carbon source essential to achieving top quality intumescent coatings. Charmor™ polyols can be used in both waterborne and solventborne formulations. If you are looking for more sustainable solutions, then Charmor™PM40 Care is the perfect solution.

Perstorp is a leading global supplier of high purity micronized polyols for superior intumescent coating formulations. Under the trusted Charmor™ brand we can provide you with the critical carbon source essential to achieving top quality intumescents. Charmor™ polyols are based on Penta and DiPenta and can be used in both waterborne and solvent formulations. If you are looking for more sustainable solutions, then Charmor™PM40 Care offers the perfect solution.

Designed for the best performance & protection

The polyols are precisely milled to a consistent, small, and narrow particle size, which provide superior fire protection properties, and reliable performance every time.  Charmor’s higher char volume and very good insulation win valuable time by delaying the effects of fire and building collapse to save people and property.

The range is suitable for both indoor and outdoor approved intumescent paint formulations. Aesthetically there are no restrictions using Charmor™ in intumescent coatings, allowing designers and architects the freedom to achieve the desired finish without compromising safety.

Global supply, safety and support

Charmor™ is safe and easy to handle. It is non-toxic and non-hygroscopic so you can conveniently store it with very low risk of caking.  With largest global production capacity of carbon source components for intumescent coatings we can provide you with a secure supply and logistics customized to your needs. We can also provide you with fine-tuned particle sizes so that you can customize the performance of your intumescent formulation.

Business advantages
  1. Eliminating costs & waste through consistent quality and purity
  2. Environmental friendly and sustainable solutions
  3. Customized global supply chain service
Performance advantages
  1. Superior charring improves fire resistance and gains more time over alternatives
  2. Customize the intumescent formulation to the precise foam structure to suit the application
  3. Light weight solutions – for use in aesthetic coatings
Processing advantages
  1. Safe, non-toxic easy to handle and store
  2. High purity and consistency of the polyols optimizes production and reduces waste
  3. Secure supply with largest global production capacity

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