Spotlight on beautiful Alkyds

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Alkyds  is a thoroughly tested technology with many benefits. In the recent decades Acrylics has as a technology gained market shares. The global trend is strongly moving towards sustainability and environmentally friendly products. Alkyds is based to an absolute majority by renewable content such as tall oil fatty acids and water etc.

Acrylics on the other hand is made by fossile materials. Historically, alkyds has mainly been solvent borne, but with technical development there are waterborne solutions on the market with properties as good as solvent borne alternatives. With the waterborne solutions VOC is no or very low.

All you need to remember about Alkyds: 

  • Renewable raw material
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Outstanding wood protection

 Comparison alcydes hybrides acrylics

Beautiful Alkyds Butterfly on Waterdrop

Beautiful Alkyds

Download presentation about Beautiful Waterborne Alkyds

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