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Perstorp Polyols enable Alkyd Resins with enhanced properties such as fast drying, chemical resistance and UV-stability

Increase the performance properties of your Alkyd Resins

Kent Hamacek
Kent Hamacek
Product Manager EMEA
+46 705 339 643

Perstorp is the global leader in the manufacture and supply of Penta, and has been for many years. Today we have a broad portfolio of products for Alkyd Resins. We supply Penta, Di-Penta, Bis-MPA, TMP and Neo, which target different Alkyd segments. They all, in different ways, improve the performance of your Alkyd formulation. With Perstorp Penta it is possible to produce alkyd resins that give you enhanced properties, such as fast drying, chemical resistance and UV-stability. Our Penta contributes to excellent durability so there is no need to repaint as often, and coatings are easy to maintain. Our high purity and consistent quality secure an even and robust production of alkyd resins with low color.

The global leader you can trust 

We have a long experience in developing Penta - production and process. Over the years we have been very innovative in the development of our products and their applications. Today Perstorp Penta is the world’s best and most preferred for Alkyd Resins. With a global presence, our products can be found on buildings all over the world. We supply many of the leading brands, such as Jotun and have done so for many years. Penta brings properties such as a thermo-stability, UV-stability, weather-, chemical- and scratch resistance. You will get a perfect result every time, regardless if you choose a high gloss or matt finish. 

When you choose Perstorp, you are not just buying a product. You will also get expertise, knowledge and technical support. We even support our selected integrated coating customers in producing and marketing more sustainable coatings.  
Value chain alkyd resins

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