Polyols 1K 2K systems
1K 2K coatings
Unleash your coating’s full capability

1K 2K coatings

Value chain

Learn where 15 kg worth of Perstorp products go in a car!

Business Advantages
  1. Extends the life of coated surfaces
  2. Lower servicing and maintenance costs
  3. Improves sustainability profile
Performance advantages
  1. Best-in-class performance properties, such as abrasion resistance
  2. Outstanding weathering and chemical resistance
  3. Ultimate combination of flexibility and toughness
  4. High quality finish and appearance with high gloss and low haze
Processing advantages
  1. Low VOC formulations for sustainable coatings
  2. Easy to prepare and apply
  3. As a resin modifier by replacing between 5-20% of a conventional coating Capa™ boosts the coating’s properties

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