Resins & Coatings
Reliable global partner offering building blocks for sustainable resin development

The building blocks for environmentally friendly resins

Perstorp is a world leader in the supply and development of building blocks for different kinds of resins, which include alkyd, powder polyester, unsaturated polyester, liquid polyester, UV curable, PUD and PU resins.

Our best-in-class Penta, TMP, Neo qualities provide the most robust and efficient resin production for durable and more sustainable coating resins. With our range of specialty products you can address the specific needs you have to improve your resins. Perstorp’s drive is to provide all our customers with top quality and safe materials; with our products you are able to make high performance resins with improved processing properties for a variety of sustainable coating and resins technologies.

Sustainable development and the know-how to succeed

Perstorp has an unrivaled level of accumulated knowledge and experience in working with building blocks for resins. In reality this means we have the ability change and work with existing resins as well as a strong R&D capability to help customers develop new sustainable resins.

Customized and reliable supply solutions that make a real difference

Critical too are efficient and flexible logistic solutions as a reliable and secure supply is vital to your operations. Larger producers rely on us supplying the right quality at the right time, and smaller producers appreciate our adaptive and flexible approach to supply. Perstorp has gained a worldwide reputation within resins for consistency in quality and reliability in supply.

Business Advantages
  1. Best reference quality for polyalcohols and a one-stop partner
  2. Specialty products for specific needs
  3. Adaptive/flexible supply
  4. Improved environmental profile
  5. Trustworthy and reliable supply
Performance Advantages
  1. Longer life coatings with lower maintenance
  2. Safe raw materials and sustainable solutions
  3. Customized protective properties
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