Technical paper: Seven performance reasons to change to a C10 plasticizer

Markus Jönsson
Markus Jönsson
VP Plasticizers & PA
+46 40 6358882
Anders Magnusson
Anders Magnusson
Technical Market Development Manager, Plasticizers
+46 435 37848
1 February 2016

Superior technical performance of PVC plasticizers is critical to many applications, particularly outdoors where longevity and low maintenance are demanded. Of course we at Perstorp believe that on technical performance parameters phthalate ester plasticizers based on isomeric C10 alcohols (such as our Emoltene™ 100) deliver a level of excellence that C8-9 plasticizers cannot achieve.

Anders Magnusson has now composed a technical article on the subject that zooms in on seven  parameters (volatility, water absorption, fogging, UV/ageing, migration, density and classification), and provides trial data to show the difference.

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Emoltene 100: Made by Vikings. For tough conditions.

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