Emoltene™ 100 – The Ideal Replacement for DOP

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With the REACH sunset date of Feb 2015 fast approaching we can help you switch quickly and efficiently from classified DOP plasticizers to Emoltene™ 100 (DPHP), our high performance non-classified plasticizer range or to Pevalen™ our new polyolester plasticizer for sensitive applications.Contact David Turner today to make the switch (contact details below on the right)

Time to switch to non-classified plasticizers
From Feb 2015 you will no longer be able to use, or only use in restricted circumstances, Low Molecular Weight phthalate plasticizers. They have been classified on health and environmental grounds due to their potential negative effects. These include DOP, DBP, DIBP and BBP.

High molecular weight phthalates, such as Emoltene™100 (DPHP) are not classified, and have been extensively tested and evaluated by the EU authorities. They are considered safe to use in all applications.

Emoltene™100 is a general-purpose plasticizer based on C10 alcohol 2-Propylheptanol (2-PH). It is characterized by excellent versatility and flexibility with a solid health and safety profile. You can read more about DPHP and phthalate plasticizers at the European Council for Plasticizers and Intermediates (ECPI) sponsored sites: 

Switch to Emoltene™ 100 today 
Emoltene™100 is the ideal replacement for DOP since its superior properties, especially its low volatility, ensures an outstanding lifetime performance that outlasts its rivals. This durability and versatility extends the life of PVC products with little or no maintenance making it the favorite choice of the European cable & wire industry. Its tough weather resistance also makes it suitable for outdoor applications, such as roofing membranes, tarpaulins, and automotive applications.
To make the switch to Emoltene™ 100 or reserve a sample click here >>>

Pevalen™ for sensitive applications
You can also switch to our unique and innovative true non-phthalate plasticizer Pevalen™ for indoor or sensitive applications. It provides performance properties that are either better than or equal to the best phthalate alternatives. This uncompromising new plasticizer is 30% faster in processing and very cost-efficient since formulations require less plasticizer. Pevalen™ is particularly suited to flooring, coated fabrics providing unbeatable softness and UV stability.
To make the switch to Pevalen™ or reserve a sample click here >>>

Perstorp – investing in the future of high performance & safe plasticizers
Perstorp through its Project Valerox investment is only one of two European producers who are fully integrated into the upstream plasticizer alcohols. With up to 165MT of capacity and the most competitive plasticizer platform available we can help you switch from DOP or other classified phthalates into our high performance and safe plasticizer ranges today.

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