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Markus Jönsson
Markus Jönsson
VP Plasticizers & PA
+46 40 6358882

Perstorp is one of the few fully integrated suppliers of general-purpose plasticizers in Europe. We are also a world-class producer of 2-PH C10 alcohol, an essential raw material for plasticizers. This production integration guarantees you reliability of supply and consistent plasticizer quality, whether you are interested in flexible PVC for cables, roofing membranes, flooring or coated textiles.  Emoltene™ 100 - Outstanding properties that give outlasting performance This new generation plasticizer C10 is perfect for tough outdoor applications, such as cables and roofing membranes. Even in the harshest conditions Emoltene™ 100 can help your PVC products outperform and outlast your competitors products.  

Pevalen™– Uncompromising innovation designed for close to consumer applications 

Pevalen™ is a high performance polyolester plasticizer. Pevalen™ is the perfect choice for sensitive applications, such as coated fabrics or flooring in hospitals and schools as well as other close-to-consumer applications – e. g. automotive interiors, toys, molded parts and wall coverings. Pevalen™ has a unique performance not matched by any other product with high plasticizing efficiency in combination with low migration and volatility.


Fully integrated for supply reliability and consistent quality 

Perstorp’s new Swedish production platform has substantially strengthened Perstorp's position as a plasticizer manufacturer, which is part of the company’s commitment to invest in the future of high performance and sustainable plasticizers. This major investment gives customers a faster and more competitive response irrespective of size. We can support you in lowering operational and processing costs, product development to improve performance and in supporting your customers’ specific needs.

Business advantages
  1. Reliability and consistency of supply due to the fully integrated state-of-the-art plant
  2. Long term competitiveness, development and innovation secured through our major investment in plasticizers
  3. Flexibility to accommodate the needs of both large, medium and small customers
Performance advantages
  1. Emoltene™ has the durability for extended lifetime performance in demanding applications like roofing membranes, wires and cables
  2. Pevalen safe and uncompromising performance for close to consumer applications, and is a genuine non-phthalate plasticizer with excellent UV stability
  3. Sustainable solutions through low carbon footprint and low volatility plasticizers
Processing advantages
  1. High plasticizing efficiency with Pevalen, so less plasticizer required
  2. Energy savings by lower processing temperature

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