ProPhorce™ SR: unrivaled butyric acid power

Geert Wielsma
Geert Wielsma
Product manager gut health & farmer solutions
31 652 023 439


ProPhorce™ SR is the next generation of butyric acid products. It consists of butyrins - glycerol esters of butyric acid, which are not coated, but in ester form. You get the same well documented effects as with coated butyric acid products but with more 'horse power' thanks to the esterifying technology. That means a lower dosage for the same results.Help Per to find his True North at VIV Asia

Butyric acid is a key ingredient for optimal digestion. The benefits are well known and include:

  • improved digestibility of nutrients
  • enhanced animal performance
  • optimization of intestinal microbiota
  • improvement of the epithelial integrity and defense systems

Want to know more?
To learn more about ProPhorce™ SR and its effects, download the leaflet about ProPhorce™ SR for poultry or the leaflet about ProPhorce™ SR for swine.

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