Why work here?

Bengt Johansson Ranmo
Bengt Johansson Ranmo
VP Human Resources, HR BP Operations & Supply Chain Management
+46 40 635 88 29

1. Safety first
At Perstorp we always put safety first. We continuously work to minimize risks in the workplace.

2. Global company
Thanks to our global presence you can have the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams and connect with people across the world.

3. Constant development
At Perstorp you will have room to grow, challenge and learn. Your performance is measured and rewarded on an ongoing basis through our Group-wide Performance Management process (known as PMD within Perstorp).

4. Corporate culture
You will be part of a strong, consistent global and local culture based on our core values of focused innovation, reliability and responsibility.

5. Sustainable company
Sustainability is priority for Perstorp. Through continuous and focused innovation for the environment, health and safety of our processes and products, we have built a reputation in the industry of being at the forefront of sustainability. We have several examples of “green products” in our product portfolio.

6. Code of conduct
The Perstorp Code of Conduct is our collective guide with clear principles that direct the company's relations with employees, partners and other parties. Responsibility is the theme.

7. Work life balance
At Perstorp we want you to have the right balance of work/family/life. We consider that work life balance is one important element that employees need to really do their best.

8. Possibilities to grow
Your learning and progress are very important to us. It’s much up to you to take the initiative and drive your own development.

9. Ability to influence and make a difference
Although present in many different countries, we are considered a small company. This means what you do really count. We want everyone to have the opportunity to influence and contribute.

10. Strong history
Our culture of performance builds on over 130 years of experience and represents a complete chain of solutions in organic chemistry, process technology and application development.

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