University students

With us you can develop and make a difference already as a student or recent graduate. One of Perstorp's long-term goals is to maintain academic contacts on many levels. Internships, thesis work and career fairs are therefore important channels, and also a chance for you to discover what it is like to be a part of the Perstorp Winning Formulas team and what career opportunities await you.

You + Perstorp = Our futureBlue eye

You will find many graduates in various professions at Perstorp who contribute to improving our business every day. Most of them are engineers for natural reasons, but if you have an academic background in logistics, finances, business or communications for example, it also means that you are highly coveted by us. With your knowledge and ambition as a student or graduate, you are just what we need for the future.

Engineering student?

Amongst our engineers there are masters of engineering, bachelors of engineering and vocational engineers. Many have studied chemical engineering, others engineering physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or biotechnology. Many of our engineers at Perstorp started their careers as students by doing their thesis, their internships and/or spending their summers working here. Many of the same engineers then started working at Perstorp, often as process engineers, and today you can find these people in various managerial or specialist positions at the Perstorp Group. There are many possibilities and we hope you also want to discover them with us.


Do you have the opportunity of choosing an internship during your studies? At Perstorp you can apply for an internship to gain the experience that facilitates an exciting and rewarding blend of theory and practice. As an engineering student you can try working on different projects with our engineers for example, but we offer internships in a number of other career areas too.

Thesis work

Blue Chemistry2If you are thinking about where to write your thesis, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At Perstorp you can write your thesis in several different areas and we are open to new thesis ideas and suggestions. Doing your thesis here means getting an insight into the chemical industry and Perstorp as a company, at the same time as you receive expert guidance for work on your thesis and also get the chance to create personal networks for the future. To us, a thesis is not only a great contribution of knowledge, but also a way for us to make contact with future employees. If you are interested, please contact us or apply for a thesis topic >>.

Career fairs

There are many opportunities at Perstorp and career fairs are therefore a great forum to discuss them together. We’d be very happy if you came by our stand at the next career fair we attend, and meet some of our employees, ask questions and network for the future. Maybe our meeting will result in a future collaboration in terms of your thesis, summer work, an internship or even Perstorp becoming your future employer. We hope it will.
Meet us >>

After graduation

It is your knowledge and ambition we need for the future. At Perstorp, we are not only keen on offering students summer jobs, internships or thesis work: for us it is equally important to be able to offer jobs after graduation. Subscribe to our open positions and we look forward to meeting you for a job interview after you graduate.

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