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Blue Lamps How we do it

Focused innovation, reliability and responsibility...

...are the core values characterizing your work no matter what you do at Perstorp. Now you have discovered what we do, it’s time to explore how we do it. Here are some of the themes that reflect how we work at Perstorp.

Safety firstSafety first

At Perstorp we always put safety first. We constantly work to minimize risks in the workplace. No one shall get hurt working at, or for, Perstorp.


Sustainability is priority for Perstorp. Through continuous and focused innovation for the environment, health and safety of our processes and products, we have built a reputation in the industry for being at the forefront of sustainability.

Code of Conduct

As one of the core values implies, the Perstorp Group is very keen to act responsibly. This is especially important when you operate in many different parts of the world. The Code Of Conduct ensures that everyone is aware of what is involved in achieving high standards in business practices, products and the environment, working conditions and human rights.

Diversity in the workplace

Blue earthPerstorp is convinced that diversity in the workplace – in terms of age, gender, nationality, educational background etc. – creates a more creative, productive and pleasant working climate.

A Perstorper's behavior

As stated above, our core values characterize your work no matter what you do at Perstorp. With help from our core values, Perstorp has identified the expected behavior of a Perstorper. And of course, potential Perstorpers.

Focused innovation – Focused innovation is much more than just developing new chemistry. It also means thinking creatively about our customers’ requirements, improving our operational excellence and performance culture. In terms of behavior, we therefore want you to share our vision, drive for results, be goal oriented and challenge. With our top-quality customer focus, we naturally also want you to have market knowledge and customer orientation. If you don’t have external customers you always have internal ones.

Reliability – Reliability entails being trustworthy and dependable in all that we do. Reliability enables us to build up confidence and trust in all our relationships – and trust results from acting reliably. Consequently, a Perstorper takes ownership, communicates and reviews.

Responsibility – Responsibility demonstrates that as individuals and as an organization we care about what happens and how we act. It means being proactive, caring and attentive in all our relationships. Therefore we look at how you lead self and how you lead others.

To read more about how we do it, explore our Responsibility page!


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