Global opportunities

Perstorp was founded in 1881 in Perstorp, Sweden and has gone from being a small family business into an international world leading group, with production units in nine countries and sales offices in all the major markets. Thanks to our global presence you have the opportunity of working with cross-functional teams and connecting with people around the world.
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If your ambition is to work abroad for either a long-term or short-term assignment, this is also an exciting possibility that we offer. There is a constant need for extra specialist expertise and or leadership for long-term or short-term assignments. Living and working abroad is also a fantastic way of developing and growing as a person. Our longest overseas contract lasts for three years and our shortest for just three months. If work takes you overseas for a shorter period than three months then this is classed as a business trip.

Although present in many countries, we are still considered a relatively small company. This means that you don’t need to worry about being anonymous – at Perstorp your performance gets noticed and really counts.

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