Development and learning

Being an employee at Perstorp means your performance really counts. In order to realize your full potential we offer a great variety of training courses throughout the year, leadership programs, talent management, skills development and an individualized development plan.

Individualized development plan

You will have room to grow at Perstorp, to challenge and learn. Together with your nearest manager you’ll review your performance, establish goals and development targets for the future and discuss your career ambitions. This occurs on an ongoing basis through our Group-wide Performance Management & Development process (PMD).Blue Butterfly

Leadership programs

In the process of successfully developing a qualified workforce, successful leadership is vital. Therefore we invest in both our leaders and potential leaders by offering leadership programs. These programs are not only a great opportunity for individual development, you also become an important link in developing the existing skills amongst our employees, which leads to developing the entire business.

Talent management

Perstorp has set objectives designed to be self-sufficient to 75% in the internal resourcing of critical roles (leadership, specialist and project manager roles) through internal methods. The purpose of the Talent Management Process is to enable the Perstorp Group to identify, validate, select and develop its own talent. The Talent Management Process is an annual one, well-aligned to other existing and well-established HR processes. This enables an opinion of both the performance and potential of our talent.

Employee surveyHeart

This is perhaps more of a development opportunity for Perstorp, but it is an opportunity for you to influence your working conditions. Every second year we investigate how our employees feel about working at Perstorp and the results provide the basis for a follow-up and prioritizing actions. We also carry out a mini survey in the years we don’t do the major one. The surveys are of course anonymous, which is why we use an external supplier.

J O Nauclér Memorial Foundation

In the areas of technology or economics, related to the activities of the Perstorp Group, the Board of Trustees awards scholarships annually for educational purposes or research. Read more >>

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