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Bengt Johansson Ranmo
Bengt Johansson Ranmo
VP Human Resources, HR BP Operations & Supply Chain Management
+46 40 635 88 29

Sanna och Oskar Career opportunitiesBeing a part of the Perstorp Winning Formulas team means many possibilities and advantages. Our employees are not only our most valuable assets – they’re also the key to our success as a world leader in several sectors of the specialty chemicals industry. No matter what position you have at Perstorp, you matter for our business to continue to improve. This is why we offer these possibilities and advantages – because you’re important to us. Discover what some of these possibilities and advantages are and mean to some of our employees below. 

Alternative careers

For many years the only way for a career at a company was to become a manager. This career path has been very successful for many people, but has not suited everyone who has wanted a career at a company. To broaden your career opportunities – and thereby improve opportunities for more employees to contribute knowledge and experience in the right areas – Perstorp has developed a model for alternative careers in the chemical and process technology sectors. In addition to the existing career steps to manager, there is also the opportunity of a career as a specialist and as a project manager.

“It’s very exciting to know that there is a setup of career steps for me to take, in order for me to grow, improve and take on bigger projects as a project manager.” – Andreas, Project Manager

Internal mobility

Your learning and progress is extremely important to us at Perstorp. It’s much up to you to take the initiative and drive your own development, and one way of doing this is to rotate in the company.

SofiaochSixten2We advertise all of our vacancies internally. If you talk to our employees you will discover that many have rotated, sometimes more than once. You don’t necessarily have to change to a different type of role in a different part of the company, unless you want to, but you can also keep your current role and switch department or plant for example.

“In my experience there is nothing strange with wanting to develop in a different position at the company. After a while, it’s almost expected of you!”
Sofia, Process Engineer


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