Site Stenungsund

Christer Andersson
Christer Andersson
Site Manager Stenungsund
46 303 383 280
Charlotte Wrennfors
Charlotte Wrennfors
HR and Communications Manager Site Stenungsund
+46 303 38 32 87

Location: Stenungsund & Nol, Sweden 
Main products: Aldehydes, organic acids, alcohols, plasticizers, phthalic anhydride

Site Stenungsund is located on the Swedish west coast, 50 km north of Gothenburg, also including the unit in Nol 20 km south of Stenungsund. The Stenungsund plant was commissioned in 1980 and the industrial area covers around 300,000 square meters.

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Perstorp Oxo AB
444 84 Stenungsund

Phone: +46 303 72 86 00


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