Site Perstorp

Stefan Edwardsson
Stefan Edvardsson
Site Manager Perstorp
46 729 779 609
Oskar Lindberg
Oskar Lindberg
EHSQ Manager Site Perstorp
46 706 308 307

Location: Perstorp, Sweden
Main products: basic & specialty polyols, formate, organic acids, formaldehyde

One of the Group’s largest units is in Perstorp Industrial Park in Perstorp, Sweden, which has been manufacturing chemical products in various forms since 1881.

This production unit is manufacturing basic & specialty polyols, formates, organic acids and formaldehyde - products that are distributed to customers throughout the world for end applications like coatings, resins, de-icers and feed. Extensive environmental investments and in-house, biofuel-based energy production are vital components for the Group's activities at the Perstorp site.

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Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB
284 80 Perstorp

Phone: +46 435 380 00

 Head office Perstorp

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